A Walk of Delight

Like most households with 4 or more kids, our house resembles Grand Central station in the mornings.  Everyone is rushing around tyring to get ready and out the door for school and work. Stress levels can get high as we try to motivate our kids to get going in the mornings.  Not going to lie, sometimes threats and bribes are made.  I get especially stressed because I have to take my seven year old to school on my way to work, and have a very small window in the mornings to do it.  We have to leave at a certain time, or I end up in horrific traffic, which in turn makes me late for work.  My daughter doesn't share my same enthusiasm to beat traffic, so we barely make it out of the house on time.  For me, a weekday morning is probably the most unexpected time to have a powerful spiritual experience.  But the Lord blesses us with His tender mercies when we least expect them…

This morning was no different.  In fact, we were running more behind than usual.  My mind was focused on getting her to school as quickly as possible to avoid the nightmareish Dallas traffic.  Typically, if we leave at a decent hour, I have time to drop her off and watch her walk down the long breezeway into the school.  But today we were late, and I was just planning on quickly dropping her off and hitting the road.  I parked the car and as we walked toward the drop off curb, I was struck by how happy and alive she was.  Her countenance was beaming and she was skipping as we held hands.  Knowing that I would be late if I stayed to watch her walk into the school, I kissed her, told her I loved her, and started back toward my car.

Suddenly though, I was given a strong impression to turn around and watch her walk.  I listened to the prompting and stood and watched my sweet little girl walk down the long breezeway toward the school doors.  As she walked, she would occasionally look back at me and wave.  As I focused my attention on her and not on the terrible commute I was about to endure, something incredible happened.  I noticed my little girl.  I was caught up in absolute delight and love for this little piece of of me, as she cheerfully made her way down the hall.  I was completely and totally captured by the moment and my love for her.  My heart was full and tears filled my eyes as I waved my last goodbye and blew her a kiss.  

As I walked back to my car I tried to discreetly wipe away the tears that were now effortlessly pouring from my eyes.  I sat in my car, and as I marinated in that beautiful moment, the Spirit spoke to me that this awe, delight, and unconditional love that I was feeling for my little girl is what Heavenly Father ALWAYS feels for me.  That He never takes His loving eye off me and that His delight and love for me is constant.  Unwavering, without any attachments or conditions.   We always hear about God's unconditional love, but to experience it through the eyes of parenthood is humbling and powerful.  




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