Are You Harboring Resentment?

Are you harboring resentment? You are feeling this bitterness because your false identity (natural man) is being challenged. The natural man is driven by fear and survival, and it will fight anything or anyone that threatens its extinction. In a very real way, the unmasking of this false identity means death to the natural man. This is why the Savior said that "he that findeth his life shall lose it" . Once you find your true self (Being), you lose the life of your false identity. This is the only path to inner peace. 

Once you become the observer you will be grounded in your true sense of Being. You realize that the source of these bad feelings isn't you, but come from an unconscious force that is driven by fear and survival. Your Being is indestructible and has no fear. There is only joy, peace, and love within your true identity. The rebirth of your true identity will set you free from the hurt and bitterness of the natural man.

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