“Become Who Are You by Learning Who You Are.” – Pindar

Do you really know what you were meant for in this life? Are you pursuing what God put you on this Earth to do, or are you settling for a life beneath your divine calling?

Your DNA is unique to you and only you. Never in the history of the Earth, or in future generations, will there be someone with your exact genetic makeup. This means you are a unique creation, blessed with specific gifts and talents, designed to fulfill an extraordinary life mission that only YOU can accomplish. If you listen closely, there is an inner voice that calls you to that mission.


As a child, you followed this voice and believed it. We dreamed and believed we could become astronauts, famous singers, or race car drivers with the certainty of a new dawning day. We spent our time pursing activities that fulfilled the yearnings of our inner voice, and we enthusiastically followed the path of our divine life mission. We didn't set limits to our greatness or what we could become. I believe, this is one of the reasons why Christ told us to "become as little children". The Master understood that unlike children, adults stop believing in their unique potential to achieve greatness and instead settle for what the world tells them they "should do" or "should be".

No matter what your age or situation, there is still time to listen to your inner voice and fulfill your life's destiny. Today, take five minutes out of your day and think back to when you were a kid. What excited you? What were you naturally good at? Were there certain activities that you LOVED to do? What did you dream of becoming? How did you envision your life as an adult when you were a child? These questions will awaken your inner voice, which will guide you to your life's work . 

Don't dismiss your inner voice another day. Live life with the zeal and faith of a little child. 

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