Clothed in The Love of the Savior

"Unto Adam also and to his wife did the Lord God make coats of skins, and clothed them." – Genesis 3:21

This simple scripture hit me like a ton of bricks this morning.  At the surface, there isn't anything special about it.  The Lord made them clothing, big deal.  But today as I read it,  the thought occurred to me,  Adam and Even were already clothed.  Once they were aware of their nakedness, they made their own clothing.  It probably wasn't the best quality clothing, but they had already covered up their nakedness with clothing. So if they were already clothed, why did the Lord feel it was so important to remove their old clothing and clothe them again?  Besides the fact that maybe the Lord wanted them to look decent before he sent them off into the lone and dreary world, why was this so important?  I think this is less about the Lord's fashion sense and more about His deep love for us.

The Ego's Clothing of Shame

So let's go back into the story and see why they felt the need to put clothing on in the first place.  Moments after eating the fruit, both Adam and Eve were awakened to the fact that they were naked. In other words, the human ego was born.  The ego despises nakedness and vulnerability.  The ego feels like it needs to protect or cover us from our nakedness, or true self.  In an effort to conceal who we really are, the ego spends it's entire existence trying to cover up the Self.  It will use shame, pain, illusions, guilt, pride, and any other type of coverings to keep us away from discovering our nakedness (divine self).  It's a survival mechanisms. The ego knows that if there is nothing to cover up, it ceases to exist.  With their ego (naturmal man) now awakened, the shame of their nakedness led them to covering themselves up and hiding from the Lord.  Phil McLemore does an excellent job of explaining this in his Yoga of Christ article.

Just like Adam and Eve, our ego uses every shameful tactic it can to keep us from discovering our greatness and divine nature, or nakedness.  It will hold on to past sins and hurtful experiences.  It makes us feel ashamed, worthless, and unworthy of being in the Lord's presence.  It even uses some less obvious coverings like complacency and mediocrity.  The ego really makes satan's job pretty easy.  All he has to do is continue to perfetuate the lie that we are our egos, just like he did in the garden of Eden.  He knows that the more we identify ourselves with our minds and egos, the further away we move from the truth of our divinity.  The world today is all about satisfying the neurotic needs of the ego.

Clothed in the Savior's Love

Once we have the courage to stand completely naked and vulnerable before the Lord, we allow the Lord to clothe and transform us.  We soon discover that this transformation is simply the discovery of who we really. We realize there is no death and nothing to fear.  Nothing to cover up or to be ashamed of.  Freed from the burdensome clothing of the ego, we become co-creators and through us, the Lord is able to make manifest His love.  Clothed in the Savior's love, we identify and see through His eyes.  We see people as they are and our compassion for them increases.  With nothing to defend or cover, we boldly love without fear and connect with others at a deeper level.  We share with them the gift of our vulnerability, and with true empathy we become one.  Lives our healed.  Broken connections are made stronger. Their wold changes. 

When we are clothed in the Savior's love, every interaction is an opportunity to change the world.   In 2014, may we have the courage to stand before the Lord and allow Him to clothe us in His love. 





  • Kimberly

    March 23, 2014

    Just this morning I was listening to Hugh Nibley’s “The Meaning of the Atonement.” And now I find this great post – so I want to add another insight:

    Hugh gives all these other languages’ concepts for Atonement. Egyptian “hpet” which is an embrace, then Persian “kaftan” “a monk’s robe or hood completely embracing the body.” This connects to Arabic “kafata”: “It was the custom of one feeling for his life in the desert to seek protection in the tent of a great sheik, crying out ‘ana dakhiluka’ meaning, ‘I am thy suppliant” whereupon the Lord would place the hem of his robe over the guest’s shoulder and declare him under his protection.” In the Book of Mormon, we see this world as a plain, a dark and dreary waste, a desert…..
    2 Nephi 4:33 encircle me around in the robe of they righteousness. 2 Ne 1:15: I am encircled about eternally in the arms of his love.
    This is the ‘hpet’, the ritual embrace that consummates the final escape from death.”

    Like really, we feel it – this desert we struggle in, feeling so vulnerable and at the brink, cold and weak and starving, and the Atonement is being brought in, and embraced in his care and protection and comfort.

  • admin

    March 23, 2014

    Wonderful insight Kimberly. Thanks so much for sharing.

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