How To Quiet The Mind During Meditation

I wanted to share a few things that have really helped me quiet my mind during meditation. These tips may seem obvious, but they have been huge for helping me get the most out of my meditation practice:

1. Consistency. Even if it's for only 10 minutes a day, make meditation a habit. The mind responds to patterns and habits. It loves familiarity. If you're inconsistent with your practice, your mind will fight when you try to meditate.

2. Meditate at the same time, place, and position every day. Again, meditating at the same time, in the same place, and in the same position every day creates a habit that the mind can deal with. There is less resistance and the mind can let go more easily when it knows what to expect. The details of where, when, and how you do it aren't as important as the discipline of doing it the same way. It's been incredible for me to observe how my mind will just start to relax around 8:45 every morning. It knows it's going to be getting some rest soon.

3. Let go of expectations or outcomes. One of my biggest meditation stumbling blocks was reading or hearing about other people’s meditation experiences, and then trying to see if I could replicate those same outcomes in my own practice. I used to wonder, is today the day I will see the inner light? What glorious insights or revelations will be shown to me during meditation? By taking these expectations into my practice, I was setting myself up for failure by giving my mind something to look for or create. Now before I meditate, I go into it consciously saying "Being in His presence is enough". I've been amazed at how much deeper and richer my practice has been as I've consciously made the decision to be in His presence and let go of all outcomes or expectations.

4. Offering up a prayer and scripture study after meditation. This kind of goes along with point number three, because I want to go into my meditation without any expectations of getting answers to prayers or insights about my scripture study. By doing those things after my meditation, it allows my mind to stay focused in just enjoying the silence without expectations. I have also found that my prayers and scripture studies are much more meaningful and productive after I've cleared my mind through my meditation practice.

These are just some of the things that have really helped me get better results from my meditation. Everyone is different, but this is what is currently working for me. What about you? Have you found anything that helps quiet your mind during meditation?

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