Seek To Be Broken

“The Lord instructs His servants to be humble because the process of being made whole spiritually begins with a broken heart. Think of the good that comes from broken things: Soil is broken to plant wheat. Wheat is broken to make bread. Bread is broken to become the emblems of the sacrament.” – Elder Funk

Broken doesn’t mean flawed, worthless, or weak. In fact, it takes courage, faith, and strength to give your broken heart to the Lord in complete surrender. In so doing, you take away the illusionary power from the natural man over your life, and allow the Lord to build something amazing from the remnants of your broken heart.

Just as it is impossible for a potter to mold hardened clay, the Lord cannot shape and transform a hardened heart.

If you are seeing the same problems over and over in your life, or feel frustrated by your lack of spiritual growth, chances are that you are resisting the changes necessary for deliverance. Over time, without you even realizing it, this resistance hardens your heart and keeps you from progressing.

Somewhere, there is a piece of your heart that must be broken, in order for the Lord to replace it with something beautiful. Otherwise, you will continue to see the same problems and behavior patterns in you life. You will get discouraged, and wonder why the Lord has forsaken you. But the truth is, He never forsakes you. He is just patiently waiting for you to surrender the only thing you can truly give him…your heart.

Seek to be broken. Have the courage to take a fierce inventory of your heart and allow the Master to be the architect of your soul.

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