The Joy of Being


Our spirit, our intelligence, has always existed and cannot be annihilated.

It existed with Heavenly Father before this life. We all know Heavenly Father cannot allow any impure thing into his kingdom, into his presence.

That same spirit, which was able to abide the presence of God himself, exists in each one of us right at this moment. That same holiness exists, regardless of any mistake we have ever made, are making now, or will make. This holiness is who we really are, our true nature. It is indestructible.

We are much more than just a bundle of conditioned reflexes.

This knowledge does not require faith. It is something we can all know and feel for ourselves.

Behind every thought, behind every emotion (disturbance), there is a higher level of consciousness, of intelligence. No matter what the situation (whether perceived as positive or not by the mind), this higher level of consciousness, our true nature, our spirit, can always be felt.

The fruits of feeling this presence are peace, love, and joy, which are uncaused. These feelings have no opposite. There is no limit to their depth. It defies rational thought. It cannot be known intellectually.

It is possible to have inner peace, love and joy amidst any life situation. It is not dependent on anything outside of us.

This is the joy of Being.

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  • Stefanie

    April 8, 2014

    We are whole and complete! I love the way you’re articulated it here – beautiful.

    I know that when I feel the joy, love, and peace you’re speaking of, it’s been when I’ve let go of all the ‘things’ that get in the way. It’s a practice that I’m completely imperfect at – but it is a ‘practice’ after all 😉

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