The Only Reason We Suffer During Our Trials


What causes us to suffer during difficult times or trials? Is it the situation itself? Or is it something inside of us?

True liberation can be had inside of each of us from any unhappy or undesirable situation. Peace and love can be felt.

How is this possible?

The thing that makes us suffer the most is our resistance to it. We try to escape by projecting ourselves into a more desirable future, or by thinking about past experiences that made us happy. We complain, we label. We lose touch with the Now.

We unconsciously try to avoid the present because the difficult situation brings out the pain that already exists inside of us, or because we think this situation defines who we are, or both. 

The remedy to this fear and pain only exists in the present moment. We avoid facing this pain at all costs.

It is a high cost, because unless it is faced, it never goes away. It will stay with us, and the more we avoid it, the more it builds up inside of us. We begin to change, and lose track of who we really are.

The atonement can heal this and all pain, all negative emotions. Just believing that Christ suffered for our infirmities will not heal it. We have a part in it as well. We must allow ourselves to fully feel this pain. We must face it. This is the true way of the cross.

As we fully give our conscious attention to this fear and pain by feeling it fully without any resistance, eventually a miracle happens. We take a descent into death, and as we do, we realize that there is no death. Only the death of who we thought we were. The pain is transformed into peace. The Savior's sacrifice is active in our lives.

Only our resistance to this process can keep the pain alive, can keep us unhappy, can keep us suffering.

As we do this, we come to know that there is nothing that we can't face. We know that no situation or person can control how we feel anymore. We no longer have to be scared. We are free.

A sacred transformation occurs. We are born again. We realize that we have an incredible power inside of us. We realize that this power is really who we are, not a fearful, mind-made suffering false version of us.

Nothing can stand up to who we really are. Nothing can take away the peace and joy that exists inside of us. It can only be obscured by our resistance to it. Our conscious presence, our spirit, which is inseparable from God, is who we really are. We have nothing to fear.

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